Monday, September 13, 2010

Paying The Troll Toll

Jenny Beck

You may know her as Wendy Anne Potter. Her little girl charm and blond pigtails gained her access into her neighbors apartments. Once inside, she rather rudely snooped around their living area before she turned into a troll and jabbed those sitting ducks with her troll ring

June Lockhart
Wendy's only true enemy was an old bitty upstairs, played by June Lockhart, who seems to have sprouted a rather large penis clipping into a talking mushroom head....a power I am pretty sure Roseanne taught her.

Jenny and June both paid the troll toll to get on the Roseanne show.

HOME-EC Aired February 5, 1991. Season 3 Episode 16.

Roseanne has to speak to Darlene's class about being a homemaker. This clicks on the woman's libber in her as she imparts her profound wisdom of the intricacies and difficulties of balancing kids, husband, work, Jackie, and most of Lanford , parts of Elgin and I'm sure, various suburbs of Chicago...Excellent.

Darlene's revelation, "I've been eating generic Frankenberry?"

Jenny Beck plays Tanya, one of the girls in the class. Roseanne was actually the last acting job according to IMDB. At least Jenny left while she was on top.

This episode always stood out for me. Roseanne give us her meatloaf recipe (one of the most sacred things a woman has to offer). The main ingredient in her meatloaf being generic brand cornflakes.Then, in true Roseanne style, she bring the whole group of girls to her house and makes them cook dinner in the name of higher education.

June Lockhart also appeared in Roseanne as Leon's mother.

"All about Rosey"
Season 7, Episode 19. Aired March 1, 1995

"December Bride"
Season 8, Episode 11. Aired December 12 1995


Leonardo Di Caprio was also in the Home-Ec episode with with Jenny Beck.

How does June fit back in? Well, we can find Leo and June playing mother and son in "The New Lassie"

In Troll, Wendy's older brother was name Harry Potter Jr.
Noah Hathaway played this part. You will remember him best from 'THE NEVER ENDING STORY"

If you are dying to hear a little of Blue Cheer, Summertime Blues, just watch Troll. The dad dances to it to unwind from a long day troll hiding.

If you need me, I will be watching Troll for the next few weeks.
Troll and Troll 2 Double Feature DVD is the 6th best thing I ever bought.

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